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Inspire Kids to Lead a Drug-Free Life: Here’s how

At Natural High, we believe in the profound impact of storytelling by influential voices to connect
with young people. Our evidence-informed program leverages short-form videos to deliver powerful
messages that resonate. Natural High’s videos provide an engaging way to open up conversations
and inspire a drug-free life.


Transformative Videos for Engaging Conversations with Kids

  • Life-saving fentanyl video
  • 50+ stories that resonate with kids
  • Whiteboard series on the brain

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Support For Parents and Educators Along The Way

  • Proven #1 Preventative Strategy
  • The Science Behind a Natural High
  • 4 Personality Types At-Risk for Substance Use
  • Conversation Starters & Scripts & Much More…

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Real Results


of educators report a change in their students’ perception about drugs and alcohol after going through the Natural High  program.


of youth participating in the program reported that having a natural high will help fight the temptation to use drugs or alcohol.

40+ We’ve recruited over 40 celebrity storytellers who tell powerful stories of transformation.


There are 43,000 educators in Natural High’s network across the U.S. and growing.

Millions Millions of lives transformed. Still lots of work to do. That’s why we need your support

Awards and Recognition

Outstanding Prevention Program Award

Dedication and leadership to building a safe and healthy San Diego county.

Outstanding Prevention Award

Leadership in drug prevention education, advocacy and support of our nation's families and communities.

Outstanding Prevention Program Award

Exemplary service and selfless dedication in reducing youth access to alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

“Adolescent substance abuse is America’s #1 public health problem” CASA, Columbia University1

The Problem

13 Iis the avg age of first-time drug use

13 is the average age of
first-time drug and
alcohol use.

9 out of 10
addictions start in
the teen years.

There is no national programming
in schools to teach youth about
drug and alcohol abuse.

Our Solution

Natural High combats youth substance abuse with inspiration and cutting-edge research. We harness the latest insights into youth behavior, brain development, and social norms, along with the influence of cultural icons, to inspire young people to discover and engage in their passions, what we call natural highs.

Our program equips families, schools, and communities with tools to support youth, fostering supportive networks that helps them make healthy, fulfilling choices.

Our holistic approach not only prevents substance use but also builds resilience, ensuring youth have the skills and support needed for long-term success and a drug-free life.

Trusted by Parents and Educators

“We had a productive talk, watched the video, and talked a bit more. My son (age 13) was engaged in the video. It was also really helpful to my husband and I in educating us on fentanyl and teen drug use. The Natural High website is an excellent resource that we will continue to go back to in order to keep the conversation going!”

Shawn, parent

“This is awesome and so educational. I am using myself with my 15 grandkids…The 4 question are great and what is more important is not to seem like I am lecturing them, rather, engaging them in dialogue. I look forward to receiving more educational tools…”

Tony, Grandparent

“I lost my youngest son to fentanyl poisoning in January of 2021. I’m on a mission to be his voice and to raise awareness on Fentanyl and other drugs. I’m holding an awareness event and setting up my computer so attendees have the opportunity to watch it. Thank you so much for putting this together.”

Angie, parent

“We did the fentanyl lesson last week in 7th grade health. We were able to have great class discussions about the video. Thank you for all your materials! I have referred to your materials many times over the course of several years for my drug and alcohol unit in health class.”

Amanda, Health Teacher

We Stand for Hope, Direction,
and Positive Alternatives

Join us in igniting a brighter future,
free from the shadows of drugs and

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